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Shadelands Chiropractic

2815 Mitchell Dr, #101
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(925) 930-9522

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Joseph A. Baratta, DC

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Dr Baratta is a great chiropractor. He is compassionate, available, and thorough in his treatment. He never makes me feel rushed and is always totally present with the patient he is treating. He is very good at being able to treat each patient individually and create a treatment plan to care for even the most complicated situations."
~Leslyn M.

Dr B all I can say about him is that i call him my miracle worker for a reason. When I go in for a visit with back pain i walk out of there feeling 100% better this man is amazing."
~Debbie C.

I started seeing DR. Baratta in 1982 He's the Best.With such a Calm and Healing Soul it's Amazing. PS don't be nervous he can Help."
~Terence D.

Best doc in town. Always treats just what I need, no extra stuff some docs try to sneak in. Super friendly staff. Highly recommend."
~Lisa H.

"I have suffered from severe back and hip pain for more than 15 years.  After starting treatment with Dr. Baratta, my health has significantly improved and the hip and back pain is almost totally gone.

My treatments with Dr. Baratta have been very successful.  My Advil use is almost nonexistent.  I was taking more than 1600ml a day, every day.  I sleep much better.  

Dr. Baratta is a total professional.  He takes the time to listen to your concerns and fears.  I had quite a bad experience with a chiropractor years ago and did not get any relief.  I was not sure this time would be different.  This time was totally different.  Along with the treatment, Dr. Baratta explained to me how important it is to monitor my behavior outside of the doctor's office.  I can't just lift things way too heavy, or overdue things, like gardening for 5 hours straight.  Things I could do prior to my injuries.  Everything in moderation.  It was important to follow the stretching, and heat and ice therapy at home.  Even now that I am much better, my routine does not waiver from above.  

I would highly recommend Dr. Baratta!"
~Bonnie S.

"I have benefited greatly with Dr. Baratta's care. My upper body flexibility has improved and I have much less pain.  My frozen right shoulder healed completely and I have much better balance and stride.  

Dr. Baratta has a unique combination of experience and compassion which allows him to not only diagnose and treat a patient's condition, but also provides an atmostphere of openness and trust which makes all the difference!"
~Amal M.


"When I first visited Dr. Baratta, one touch, and I knew I was with a healer.  My first visit, I hobbled in with the upper portion of my torso out of line with the lower portion.  I was in pain.  I left the office upright, and human again.

Dr. Baratta has a whole host of strategies to help heal his patients.  For me, the best is his healing touch.  By stretching my spine out, followed by gentle adjustments, he realigns my pesky lower back and neck.  I walk out with a sense of grace and movement each time, no matter how I walked in.

He is affordable and available, and I appreciate the discount for Kaiser members!"
~Christine M.

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